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Compost Toilets
by UK Loos

UK Loos part of The Willpower Group design and build market leading Compost Toilets from our UK based manufacturing facility, here are a few images of our latest design which has taken the Eco Toilet and Compost Toilet market by storm.

Midlands Compost Toilet Hire

Compost Toilet

Front View
Eco Toilet Hire

Compost Toilet

Cubicle View
Compost Toilet Hire Entrance Steps

Compost Toilet

Entrance Steps

Compost Toilet

Internal View
Compost Toilet Ventilation Systems

Compost Toilet

Rear View
Compost Toilet Manufacturing

Compost Toilet

Effective Ventilation
Compost Toilet Door Locking System

Compost Toilet

Privacy Solutions
Enviromental Friendly Toilets

Built To Last

Compost toilets, also known as dry toilets or eco-toilets, are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional flush toilets. They work by separating and converting human waste into compost, which can then be used as organic fertilizer.


Compost toilets do not require any water for flushing.

Odour control

Compost toilets have mechanisms to control and minimize odours.

Eco Toilet Hire Derbyshire
Waste decomposition

Compost toilets use natural processes to decompose waste.

Nutrient-rich compost

Resulting compost is safe and suitable for use as fertilizer.

Eco and Compost Toilet Sales


UK Loos Sustainable Toilets

Why choose Compost Toilets

Here are some key points about compost toilets:

Water-saving: Compost toilets do not require any water for flushing, saving a significant amount of water compared to flush toilets. This makes them ideal for areas with water scarcity or off-grid locations.

Odour control: Compost toilets have mechanisms like ventilation systems and composting materials (such as sawdust) to control and minimize odours. Proper maintenance and regular addition of dry materials help in preventing any unpleasant odours.

Human waste decomposition: Compost toilets use natural biological processes to decompose solid waste. They typically have two compartments or chambers, with one for receiving fresh waste and the other for composting the waste over time. Microorganisms break down the waste into nutrient-rich compost.

Nutrient-rich compost: The resulting compost from compost toilets is safe and suitable for use as fertilizer in gardens, landscaping, or agriculture. However, it is recommended to allow the compost to fully decompose and mature for a period of time before use.

Low maintenance: Compost toilets require regular maintenance and management to ensure proper functioning. This may include adding carbon-rich materials (such as sawdust or shredded leaves) to help with the composting process, emptying the compost chamber when full, and keeping the system clean and well-ventilated.

Appropriate use and regulations: Compost toilets may have specific regulations and guidelines depending on the location and local authorities. Before installing a compost toilet, it's important to check the specific regulations to ensure compliance.

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UK Loos have a friendly and experienced team who are ready to help with all your toilet hire requirements, meet the team below.


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UK Loos

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When considering eco toilet hire, it's essential to choose a reputable provider who follows environmentally friendly practices throughout the entire rental process. We can provide you with the necessary guidance and help to ensure your event or project aligns with sustainable principles.




Choose Sustainable Practices.

By opting for eco toilet hire from UK loos, you are actively supporting sustainable practices and reducing the impact on the environment. These toilets are designed with sustainability in mind and can contribute to a greener and more eco-conscious event or project.


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